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Crystal Grid Love

A Crystal grid is a grid in which you can place gemstones in a certain arrangement relative to each other - the geometric pattern - so that they enhance each other's effect. Every gemstone has its own vibration frequency. There are different types of grids and therefore different setups, each serving a different purpose. Grids are used as a tool to manifest something beautiful. You can direct the bundled energy of the stones in the direction you need. Consider purifying a space, healing, acquiring prosperity, love or assistance with border control. In this grid you will find a setup that contributes to love. You will also receive the set of stones that contribute to this intention: crystal, rose quartz, emerald, garnet, and jade. How the grid works: Always place your main stone in the middle. This is often the largest stone. Place gemstones and crystals around this. There are no rules when placing the stones, but there are preferences. For example, it is best to first place a circle of transforming stones around the main stone and then a circle of destination stones around it. As long as your intentions are pure, you cannot make mistakes.

Making Crystal grid has now been elevated to an art form, from which the most beautiful creations are a feast for the eyes. A crystal grid can be part of your altar where the stones, for example, together with flowers and feathers, serve as gemstone therapy. Buying a grid is the first step when working with gemstones. The grid is provided with a description for the correct placement of the supplied stones.


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MateriaalWood, crystal, rose quartz, emerald, garnet, jade
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BrandGreen Tree


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